Internet Privacy Issues And Why Security Is Important

On-line activity provides a unique market whereby companies can extract various types of information on consumers. Information is collected, then sold to companies who aim to gather as much personal data as possible. Personal privacy is an increasingly important issue, because many internet laws are either outdated or unable to keeping up with rapid changes of the internet landscape. Despite the rapid changes in internet trends, it is necessary to ensure that your internet footprint is one that will not put your personal data in harm’s way. The following information identifies specific internet activity people should caution against, and the safety measures that should be taken.

Shopping On-Line

Shopping on-line is a convenient option that gives consumers the ability to access more products than can be viewed in-store. Purchasing products on-line can put your credit card information in jeopardy. When shopping on-line, it is vital to know that regardless of the size and profitability of the organization, that security breeches can occur. Minimizing the number of times you need to provide banking or credit card information can go a long way in protecting your information. There are reputable companies that will secure your credit or banking information, eliminating the need to provide account numbers at each on-line checkout.

Internet Browsing

Surfing the internet can seem like a harmless past time, however you should beware of the sites you visit. There are browser add-ons that once installed, can show you all of the different companies on a site that are attempting to track you. You can then choose whether you want to give the company permission to continue tracking your activity. Two factor authentication is another safety feature that provides a second layer of protection against possible hackers, by alerting you if someone attempts to log on from a computer that is different from the one you usually use. There is also software that can be installed that will allow you to browse the internet privately.

Social Media Posting

Sharing personal information on social media websites, can provide a smorgasbord of information for hackers to take. Social media accounts tend to hold highly sensitive pictures and information, that if leaked could possibly damage your reputation. Remember that any information that is shared using social media can easily be found by typing your name into a search engine. The best way to protect yourself on social media sites is to make your account private. It is also advisable that you avoid sharing information that you would be uncomfortable sharing with a stranger.

There are laws that have been enacted to help protect you against internet bullying and identity theft. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to enforce these laws, since hackers often leave very little evidence behind. Until the internet has more comprehensive legislation, it is your responsibility to protect your personal information.